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Desert Companion

Behind the Shutter

They didn’t win our Photo Contest, but something about these images demands a closer look


Photograph by Marcia Zink

It caught our eye because: If you don’t swoon over a happy dog in midair, unfriend us immediately.

The story: “One day we were walking through the park,” Zink tells us, meaning Butterfly Park in Centennial Hills, “and the water caught Cole’s eye.” Which you might expect, what with Cole being a Lab. Not only is playing in the water one of his favorite activities (along with fetch), “he’s a bit neurotic about picking, and sticking to, only one of the water spouts. Over and over again, he jumps to reach the tippy top of the water. I truly believe he is smiling in this picture. Pure dog bliss!” And pure photographic adorability.


Photograph by Joseph Thomson

It caught our eye because: We were mostly intrigued by the tractor and the rubble — and something else we can’t quite put our finger on ...

The story: This image “has a very interesting background,” Thomson writes. Gooo oon ... “It was constructed to bring attention to the possible destruction of the beloved Las Vegas High School” — a fate that alumni fretted over since other early high schools were torn down. Thomson mashed together an image of the “senior squares” monument as Las Vegas High, a shot from the mid-’50s tear-down of the Las Vegas Pharmacy (built in 1906), and a picture of Godzilla in mid-stomp. (That’s the other thing that caught our eye!) The image went on to serve as a flier for a community meeting meant to rally support for the school’s preservation. “It is a complex issue, but the image brought immediate clarity to the urgency and uncertainty of the historic Las Vegas High School structures.”


Photograph by Cory Darr

It caught our eye because: Those deep, soul-penetrating eyes.

The story: We couldn’t reach Cory, but we imagine the story goes something like this: Holy crap, there’s a face in the grain of this otherwise unremarkable wooden surface! Snap. Submit. Back-page glory.

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