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Desert Companion

Cocktail of the Month: The Whisker Pub

at The Laundry Room Inside Commonwealth 525 Fremont St., 702-701-1466 (reservations by text only)

The concept of cozy is all about interiorizing outside things: crackling fires in homes, snuggly sweaters on the couch. So a bar inside another bar is like grandma’s afghan for your liver. That’s the Laundry Room, tucked inside Commonwealth. You can’t go wrong with any drink on or off the menu — their mixologists are monkishly devoted to their craft — but for seasonal coze factor, I recommend the Whisker Rub. A fireside indulgence made with bourbon, cacao, honey, cream, and nutmeg, it’s unapologetically rich. Your inner child will smile; your inner grandma will, I don’t know, knit or something. I didn’t think the metaphor through. I’m drinking.

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