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Cocktail of the month: Monte Carlo at Classic Jewel

Cocktail of the monthIn its oak and velvet simplicity, the Monte Carlo stands for the philosophy behind Classic Jewel’s cocktail menu. Containing just three ingredients — Old Overholt, the lounge’s well rye whiskey, Bénédictine and Angostura bitters — the Monte Carlo’s flavor relies on keen attention to balance rather than lychee-peeling or egg-frothing skills. Dating back to 1948, the drink represents post-World War II America in a cocktail menu that starts in the late 1800s and ends where the bar finds its inspiration: mid-century Vegas. And it’s the only rye-based item on the menu, which looks to offer something off the beaten path for every spirit fan. Like the plush, warm vibe co-owners Ryan Brown and Jerome Harry have created in their year-old Downtown haunt, the Monte Carlo tastes like luxury, but goes down easy.

353 E. Bonneville Ave. 702-722-6750

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