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Cocktail of the month: The final act and the silver screen at The Barrymore


Photography by Christopher Smith

Happy fifth birthday, Barrymore! *party horn, confetti toss* Not an insignificant milestone for a retro-luxe gem hidden in a sleepy timeshare tower on desolate Convention Center Drive. But The Barrymore seems to be getting by just fine, and a handful of new cocktails, tied to its Golden Age of Hollywood theme, suggests it doesn’t plan on a curtain call anytime soon. Two drinks from the new roster stand out; one for its fun, one for its elegance. The Silver Screen (right) is based on Viniq (a vodka, Moscato and fruit bomb) and Absolut Elyx vodka. It bursts with a round, grapey flavor that may require a reminder to slow, the hell, down. The Final Act presents as a modified Aviation, with barrel-aged gin, maraschino liqueur, yellow chartreuse and lime juice — spritely and kicky, though, thanks to the herbs and citrus. Two fine cocktails worthy of toasting the birthday of a fine restaurant. *confetti toss, drink another*

The Barrymore

99 Convention Center Drive


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