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Eat this now: The Freiburger


The Freiburger
Photography by Brent Holmes

The Freiburger

At Dog Haus Las Vegas

4480 Paradise Road,

I’ll have a hamburger, please. Do I want cheese? Sure. White American cheese? Yeah, fine, sounds good. To drink, I’ll — what’s that? Do I want a fried egg on my cheeseburger? Well, that’s a little, you know, over the top, but okay, I’ll bite. (Heh heh.) Do I want coleslaw on my fried-egg cheeseburger? Eh, I don’t think ... and what’s that? Fries — actually on the burger?! *Something clicks audibly in brain* Yes, okay, yes! And gimme that damn slaw, too! I want it all! *It arrives* MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS MUTANT ENORMITY! So, what do you call this big, beautiful, unholy monster? The Frieburger? Nice. Do I want a fork and knife? Yes, I do.

This burger freakshow peaks just this side of the pleasure-pain divide; it’s an epic grind for the not-faint-of-heart. Like this guy.


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