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Cocktail of the month: The orangesicle at Squeeze


Orangesicle Squeeze
Christopher Smith

Orangesicle Squeeze

Squeeze is a small sidewalk juice and smoothie bar on The Linq promenade. It’s a cheerful place where grinning, affable, orange-shirted Squeezers whip up the kind of healthy, fresh-fruit concoctions that are all the rage among the eww-I’m-afraid-of-death set. I’ve got no problem with that! However, I have something to reveal! With a suitably discreet approach and secret handshake, you can induce the Squeezers to spike your drink with alcohol, magically turning your antioxidant elixir of frightened boringness into a waterfall of pants-free party juice! (Okay, it’s not a secret.) My current favorite: The Orangesicle, made with fresh oranges, almond milk and orange vanilla syrup. Drinkably sweet, but not cloying. Get it with a shot or two of vodka, sidle up to the sidewalk people-watching bar and toast shambling humanity’s dranky dronk health!

In the Linq Promenade, 702-731-3311

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