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Cocktail of the month: Juicy Vodka at VegeNation


Juicy vodka at vegenation
Photography by Christopher Smith

Juicetail? The chirpy insouciance of the buzzword makes me suspect a gimmick’s afoot. (Do too many juicetails make me a healthdrunk?) But no gimmick here: Admirably true to form, the juicetails at VegeNation are crafted with the same happy obsession that applies to the Downtown vegan restaurant’s cuisine: with an earnest dedication to turning fruits and vegetables (the locally grown kind when possible) into sophisticated and satisfying culinary feats. The Juicy Vodka is perfect for spring. It’s an unfussy, refreshing concoction of fresh apple and carrot juice, walnut-cinnamon syrup and vodka from the Las Vegas Distillery. The choice of vodka is apt: It’s so smooth, and the other flavors so well-balanced, the only thing to remind you to stop chugging that juice because you’re gonna get healthdrunk! is the fact it’s in a martini glass.

616 Carson Ave. #120, 702-366-8515

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