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Following Sheldon Adelson’s surprise $140 million purchase of the Review-Journal, the paper’s editorial staff weighed in on social media; national pundits also had their say. But what about that other set of stakeholders — the angry, libtard-hating, syntax-mauling denizens of the paper’s comment threads? A sampling …

On the New Boss

Better to have Mr Adelson than George Soros.

Dear RJ, Please cancel my subscription.

140m to Sheldon, especially at his age equals like 11000 to everyone here. A bargain in his mind I’m sure.

(Adelson) is right up there with Reid and the best day for Nevada is when they both pass away.

On Columnist John L. Smith, Once a Target of an Adelson Lawsuit

Wouldn’t that be something if he bought this newspaper JUST to fire him?!?!?

Its ok when a libtard acts the way you folks do, but OMG don’t let a conservative buy a newspaper … its evil. I think its funny, and I hope he tosses this turd out on his ear.

John Smith at least has the guts to speak his mind. Lets see if all the other pansy-a$$ reporters at the RJ have nerve enough to follow suit.

Our New Feelings about the Paper

Support comes from

Readers ALSO expect the Review-Journal to do a THOROUGH analysis of just exactly what is discussed between dear old Shel and the GOP presidential candidates who take the elevator up to the Venetian penthouse to kiss his ring. 

Nice to see the RJ ratting on the owner so soon. Hope it lasts. With such a huge, rotten cheese, there have to be rats big enough to nibble.

When it walks, talks and looks like a duck, it ain’t a cow.

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