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Cocktail of the month: Peanut Butter & Jelly Time at Atomic Liquors


Brent Holmesv

A lot of times, a cocktail will have a name like Steak & Potatoes or Carrot Cake, but when you drink it — scam! It taste like some vague, scented, idiomatic, artisanal (groan!) gesture to the name, not some drunk-mad-scientist literal transcription of the actual thing into delicious, life-sustaining alcohol. Well!: Peanut Butter & Jelly Time really does taste like a PB&J! Probably because it has actual peanut butter in it (in a fancy foam form with egg and heavy cream), and muddled raspberries. But check this out: Along with sloe gin, the alcoholic base is Highspire rye whiskey, which is aged in old wine casks. It adds this malty bread smell/taste that zips it all up into this potent package of flavor and rich associative memory. The catch: This time-travel device is $15, but it’s strong — I was stumbling around like a sugar-drunk toddler!

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