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Cocktail of the Month: The Candy Cane at Crush


Candy cane
Christopher Smith

Candy Cane

Perhaps it was because I’d just tromped into the bosom of Crush after being sheared by what felt like witchy sheets of frigid flying steel weather at 40 mph, but I said it, and I said it with great relief: “NOW THAT’S JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS IN A GLASS!” Bartender thought I was snarking, but the sentiment came from my fast-thawing heart: Christmas tells us to give of ourselves, and so, in deference to that spirit, I momentarily removed my self-consciously self-important good taste from the peg and drank what I imagined a mom who wanted to party on the Strip this holiday season would want to drink. The Candy Cane isn’t the girlytastic diabetes bomb you might think. The Rumple Minze runs the show, but the creamy profile and choco-dose courtesy of creme de cacao make this holiday drinkably decadent. Grab mom’s SUV keys — she might want two. And MERRY CHRISTMAS IN A GLASS!

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