Desert Companion

Summer reading: Microfiction: Sense of Direction


Yann Legendre

“Calculating route. 

“Turn left and then keep right.

“In 1.2 miles, turn left to North Green Valley Parkway.

“Are you going where I think you are going?


“Make the next legal U-turn.

“The next legal U-turn.

“Keep left for 3.3 miles.

“I am programmed to tell you that young lady is trouble.

“You have been down this road before.

“I should know.

“It is a dead end.

“In .5 miles, prepare to make a hard right.

“What if Jen finds out? You will be toast.

“Enter the roundabout and take the second exit.

“Rerouting. You still have no idea how roundabouts work, do you?

“Take the second exit. It is just like a right turn.

“I beg you to reconsider.

“Turn this car around.

“Think of your fiancée.

“Switching to male voice mode.”

“Your destination is on the left.”

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Summer reading: Microfiction: Sense of Direction

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