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Korean Tacos
Brent Holmes

Korean "Street Tacos" at Jayde Fuzion

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Jayde Fuzion

Korean “street tacos”

Fusion dishes are all the rage with Korean tacos birthing the food truck revolution, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation. And at Jayde Fuzion, Korean “street tacos” have been reinvented with scallion pancakes in lieu of taco shells. A subtle difference but the pancakes combined with kimchee vinaigrette offset the bulgogi’s inherent sweetness. JB

In The M Resort, 702-797-1000,

Leticia’s Mexican Cocina


Leticia’s menu proclaims the quesatacos as an “award-winning” dish, and who are we to disagree? With crispy brown Oaxacan cheese oozing from the tortilla edges, the dish is essentially a queso fundido taco with your choice of protein. And it’s even more delicious than it sounds. JB

Support comes from

7585 Norman Rockwell Lane #1, 702-445-7722,

Roberto’s Taco Shop

Huevos ranch-eros

A simple, uncomplicated dish surprisingly improved by a simple, uncomplicated touch: chopped bacon. (Not, Dios no lo quiera, bacon “bits.”) The salty, meaty bacon enlivens the transaction between the ranchero sauce and the fried eggs. Not every Roberto’s does this, but hopefully after reading this they will. SD

193 N. Gibson Road #100, 702-558-9076,



Shake Shack

Double ShackBurger

In-N-Out is the long-reigning king of West Coast burgers, but with the recent arrival of Shake Shack, there’s a new contender for the crown. Because if you like the Double-Double, then you’ll love the Double ShackBurger. Think of it as the Double-Double 2.0: Two slightly charred patties simply layered with lettuce, tomato, American cheese and tangy ShackSauce (fry sauce) between potato buns. Competition is so sweet. JB

In New York-New York, 725-222-6730, Bunkhouse Saloon

Bunkhouse Saloon

Sloppy joes

One of the best places in Las Vegas to take in rock music of the “indie” variety, the retrofitted Bunkhouse Saloon has a surprisingly good menu, including four kinds of sloppy joes, those messy meals of youth. Nicely crusted hamburger buns hold in piles of saucy, savory ground beef, pork sausage, turkey or even veggie “meat.” Wash one down with a tallboy of beer and some reverb. GT

124 S. 11th St., 702-854-1414, bunkhouse,

Wiener’s Circle

Char burger

In a town full of native Chicagoans — myself included — the latest Windy City import might not be what you expect. Known for its raucous behavior (check out Jack McBreyer’s visit from Conan) and hot dogs, the Wiener’s Circle is also serving a memorable burger in the char burger. Intensely charred as the name would suggest, it’s a great burger from a city known for its hot dogs. JB

In Red Rock and Santa Fe Station, thewieners,


Leticia's Mexican Cocina
Brent Holmes

Quesatacos at Leticia's Mexican Cocina


Huevos Rancheros
Brent Holmes

Huevos Rancheros at Roberto's Taco Shop


Shake Shack
Brent Holmes

Double Shack-Burger at Shake Shack


Bunkhouse Saloon
Brent Holmes

Sloppy Joes at Bunkhouse Saloon


Winer's Circle Char Burger
Brent Holmes

Winer's Circle Char Burger


Sunrise Coffee's Vegetarian Chili with Three Beans Burrito
Brent Holmes

Sunrise Coffee's Vegetarian Chili with Three Beans Burrito


Cornish Pasty
Brent Holmes

Veggie Chicken Masala from Cornish Pasty Co.


Cucumber Soup
Brent Holmes

Chilled Cucumber Soup from Strip View Cafe


Sunrise Coffee

Vegetarian chili with three beans burrito

No one has ever asked where the beef is at Sunrise, at least not if they tried the three beans burrito. Passing the omnivore test with flying colors, the chili burrito, with soy chorizo, couscous, sour cream, spinach, cream cheese, and an authentic chili cook-off flavor, is a steal at $6.20. MO

3130 E. Sunset Road #A, 702-433-3304,

Cornish Pasty Co.

Veggie Chicken Tikka Masala

There aren’t many things better than chicken tikka masala ... except perhaps tikka masala wrapped in a flaky, buttery piecrust and served with a pint. That’s right, your favorite Indian dish is portable. The Pasty Company’s veggie version is so good, no one would guess it’s un-chick, not chicken. $9. MO

953 E. Sahara Ave., 702-862-4538,

Strip View Café

Chilled cucumber soup

Cool off by the spoonful with a refreshing cup of tarator at Strip View Café. This chilled soup of Balkan origin is a mix of chopped cucumber, yogurt, olive oil, garlic and dill. It’s tart and herbal, and comes with crusty bread for dipping. GT

3225 S. Rainbow Blvd., 702-471-7171,

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