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We asked 51 people for the one word that best describes their hopes, fears and expectations for 2015. They chose …


Change. Plutocrat. Oligarchy. Opulence. MONEY. Heebie-jeebies1. Decline. Anhedonia. Underwater! Insurmountable. Orwelldashian. Trepidation. Break-even.


Change. Hopeful. Understanding. Cooperation. Reboot. Rebirth. Energized. Growth. Better. Balance. Breakthrough. Advancement. Prosperity. Fete. Hillary.


Change. Edifying. Prophetic. Ambivalent. Kunst2. Moist. Mackadocious. Street-peace. Justice. Ephemeral. Amnesia. Lean. Tautoousious3. Journalisn’t. Painterly. Pomegranate4. Syllogism5. Zort6. Tecopa. Albumdeal7. YIKES! Adios. Now.


1. Two words, but hyphenated; we’ll allow it. 2. German for “art.” 3. It’s a real word: “Having the same essence.” Someone’s getting his money’s worth from that Word of the Day app. 4. Because the submitter finds its definition (“… the edible portion consisting of pleasantly acid flesh …”) sexy, and thus a good omen. 5. Submitter: “Lately, we’ve lost the connection with syllogistic thinking … my hope is for a more straightforward syllogism.” 6. A cyborg term for breaking wind, as found in the fiction of Quentin Bufogle. 7. Two words, jammed together; we’ll allow it.

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