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Perrin Carrell at, a website devoted to wet shaving, beards, mustaches and the gentlemanly arts, shares tips on growing and grooming your beard:

1. Just grow it. First, let that bad boy grow. But be ready for an awkward phase. If you’ve ever shaved your head, you know that the time between being bald and having hair that actually looks like something can be pretty awkward.

2. Consider your options. After two to three weeks of growth, it’ll be time for some tough decisions. One of the realities of growing facial is that you may be limited by genetics. If you’ve let it grow for a few weeks, take an honest look in the mirror (literally) and ask yourself what kind of beard is possible for you. Things to consider: overall thickness, significant bald patches and unsprouted hair.

3. Consider your context. Think about how your beard or mustache fits into your overall look. The same beard or mustache can look completely different in two different styles, so think beyond your beard and about your overall image.

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4. Use the right tools and build a good kit. Trimmers? Check. Scissors? Check. But there are plenty of other tools you should have if you’re going to be a full-fledged facial hair aficionado. Beyond scissors and trimmer, you’ll also want beard oils, mustache wax, a high-quality comb, a nose-hair trimmer, wet-shaving supplies and leave-in conditioner. It’s a small investment your face will thank you for.


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