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The Yucca Mountain of Finland

We're not the only place that has the crazy idea of burying highly radioactive nuclear waste underground for longer than human history. Finland's own Yucca Mountain is Onkalo, now under construction. A new documentary film, "Into Eternity," questions the wisdom of building this site slated to open in 2020.

INTO ETERNITY is the first feature documentary to explore the mind-boggling scientific and philosophical questions long-term nuclear waste storage poses. 

Structured as a message to future generations, the film focuses on the Onkalo waste repository now under construction in Finland, one of the first underground storage facilities. Onkalo is a gigantic network of tunnels being carved out of bedrock that will start receiving Finland's nuclear waste in 2020. Once the repository is full, in about 100 years, it will be closed and hopefully remain sealed for at least 100,000 years. 

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