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What's in a street name? Everything

Over at The Awl, writer Willy Staley considers Las Vegas' desperately random street names — but finds a pattern beneath the seeming randomness: a reflection of overweening growth and glut:

Perhaps no subdivision commemorates the strangeness of this better than one located in Henderson, NV, just off Wigwam Parkway, which has the most unfortunate set of street names. In alphabetical order, it's: Capital Gains Drive, Commodity Way, Day Trade Street, Dividend Way, Dow Jones Street, Investment Way, Large Cap Drive, and Stock Option Street. This is, arguably, your modern-day, Vegas-appropriate version of Paper Street, Church Street, Market Street, whatever. These are the source of the perverse incentives that built Las Vegas in its current form, more than the casinos, more than any immediate and corporeal industry or institution. And now they have a tragicomic edge to them.


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