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We won! We won! (Plaques.)

Desert Companion scored some big wins at the Nevada Press Association awards, held Oct. 15 in Virginia City. The annual Nevada Press Association bash is an annual statewide contest that celebrates excellence in newspapers and magazines. Desert Companion took home 13 awards total, including four first place awards, with Art Director Chris Smith being the star of the show. He won first for Best Overall Design, Best Cover Design and Best Portrait (for his photo of political activist Derek Washington in February's "Best of the City" issue.
No slouch himself, Editor Andrew Kiraly won Best Feature for "The Book Hunter," a profile of an antiquarian book dealer. Other Desert Companion winners include Pattie Thomas, who won second for Best Investigative Story for her article on accessible housing, and David McKee, who took second place for Best Entertainment Writing. Of course, the real winner is you - the reader!
Below is the complete list of Desert Companion's wins with judges' comments. Click here for a complete list of everyone who won anything ever in the history of Oct. 15 in Virginia City.
Best Feature Story
1.Andrew Kiraly, Desert Companion

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The Book Hunter
“Engaging, briskly written, a read well worth my time.”
Best Explanatory Journalism
3.Heidi Kyser, Desert Companion
The little 'hood that could
“This illustrates what the strength of a group can do to better a community. A very nice piece.”
Best Investigative or In-depth Story or  Series
2.Pattie Thomas, Desert Companion
"Let us in: Why Southern Nevada needs visitable homes
“The word needs to get out on this wonderful program! This is well written, very extensively researched.”
3.John Hardin, Desert Companion
Klatch of the Titans
“I enjoyed this the most of any entry. It was well written, very interesting topic that probably most people in Las Vegas have no clue about.”
Best Entertainment Writing
2.David McKee, Desert Companion
“Difficult subjects handled well bringing to light information one would not seek out if not interested in the subject to begin with.”
Best Overall Design
1.Desert Companion, Christopher Smith
“Fantastic layout, great use of color, eye catching typography”
Best Cover Design
1.Desert Companion, Christopher Smith, Art Director; Sabin Orr, photographer; Madison Alexander, photographer
“Eye-catching, fun, appealing covers with a good mix of teasers.”
Best Page Designer(s)
2.Christopher Smith , Art Director, Desert Companion
Best Feature Photo
2.Christopher Smith, photographer; Christie Moeller, stylist; Natasha Chamberlin, hair and makeup; Harmony, model; Christopher Smith, Art Director; Desert Companion
Sharp is the Season
“Love the design elements that went into this shot.”
3.Madison Alexander, photographer; Christie Moeller, stylist; Krystle Randall, hair and makeup; Christopher Smith, Art Director; Elly, model; Desert Companion
The bold and beautiful
“Design package made this a winner. Nice layout in addition to a nice photo.”
Best Portrait
1.Christopher Smith, Desert Companion
Best Political Activist
2.Aaron Mayes, Desert Companion
“Kelly Thomas-Boyers portrait”
Best Regular Department
2.Andrew Kiraly, John Hardin, Jarret Keene, Desert Companion
“All Things to All People: Profile”
“Clear layout, attention-getting, makes you read it.”

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