Stories of Love Gone Wrong

If you’re already lonely, Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it can just make it worse. Fortunately, the City of Las Vegas is providing an event where all of love’s fools can come together.

Called StorySlam: Love Hurts, the event lets the brokenhearted or embarrassed to get personal. Participants — mostly ordinary Las Vegans — have signed up to stand before a roomful of complete strangers and “recount mistakes, missteps, and missed connections in their search for true love,” according to the city’s website.

Because many of the storytellers aren’t seasoned professionals, organizers work with them before the event. “We’ve created a free workshop program where storytellers can learn about what a StorySlam is and hone and polish their stories to get them stage-ready for the actual event,” says Cory Goble, cultural specialist for the city’s cultural affairs department, who oversees these productions.

StorySlams occur every February, May, and October. This edition marks the event’s two-year anniversary. Previous themes include Wrong Turn, Facing Your Fears, and The One That Got Away. The next one, White Lies, is set for May 18. For more information or to (gulp) sign up, contact Goble at


February 9, 7:30, Charleston Heights Arts Center, admission payment is voluntary

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