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Rejected ideas for Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s 2016 calendar

• A lingerie-clad Michele Fiore in a variety of powdered wigs

• Michele Fiore posing suggestively on horses, which are riding ATVs, which are on top of tanks

• Beautiful Nevada landscape photos that capture the spirit of the West, except they’re blocked by Michele Fiore, who’s wearing a “naughty Southern belle” costume and flying on an eagle

• Each month, Michele Fiore dressed as a different character from “Diff’rent Strokes”

• Each month dedicated to an article of the Bill of Rights, handwritten in Fiore’s strangely touching schoolgirl bubble handwriting

• Michele Fiore with a different style of Civil War-era beard every month

• Gorgeous rural landscapes in which a camouflaged Michele Fiore lurks somewhere in the photo, expertly hidden like a seasoned hunter but for her hateful eyes burning with reproach

• 12 months of Michele Fiore displaying tact and refreshing intellectual honesty

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