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"The Other Shoe is a Severed Foot": A poem by Gregory Crosby

"The Other Shoe Is a Severed Foot"

By Gregory Crosby  


The motivational poster as angel of death:

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

The missile blows up on the launch pad, but there’s always

tomorrow. The sun will come out, tomorrow, to burn us

back to life, to bring us back to the brink of sunset.

Spring is here, which means long walks up the hill or down

to the water’s edge to watch it go down (it’s only

in between that we can’t see all these endings without

end). No one can see all the ends but everyone can see

the shadow of the wave that the next wave destroys.

Then that shadow, then that shadow. We mistook shadows for

shade. Now it’s World War Free; my shadow lies over

the ocean, your shadow lies over the sea. Tomorrow

knows never, & today is the first day of the rest.  

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