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News item: A controversial bill recently proposed by Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore would allow guns on college campuses, in K-12 schools and day-care facilities. Here are some other bills under consideration by the Republican-led state Legislature.
SB 213 Allows teachers to carry firearms on school grounds
SB 214 Allows students to carry firearms on school grounds
AB 213 Decriminalizes duels
SB 77 Resolution proposing statewide “Bring Your Gun to ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ Day”
SB 356 Resolution encouraging clowns, nuns and animal mascots to own guns
SB 771 Safety measure that requires all gun owners, when in public, to have their guns drawn and pointed directly in front of them at all times
AB 13 Allows cats and babies to own guns
AB 244 Allows concealed weapons permit-holders to hide guns inside other, larger guns
AB 172 Crime-prevention measure that allows children to bring guns into bounce houses
SB 212 Proposes funding for new family amusement complex near Ely called “Silver State Adventure Park,” a stadium-sized gladiatorial deathmatch dome lined with guns
AB 211 Replaces official state song, “Home Means Nevada,” with a new song that is four minutes of continuous machine gun fire

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