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Great moments in science: They took carne asada and put it on top of french fries.

What is this? What is this decadent clot that looks like it's covered in errant dollops of melted-down green crayons? Oh, friends. Let's not be cavalier or glib. This is a little Styrofoam plateful of mouth-heaven that I recently stumbled upon at a place called Tacos El Gordo downtown near Charleston Boulevard and Eastern Avenue.

Friends, meet the carne asada fries. It's $10, and it handily feeds two voracious people. Perhaps more importantly, it prevents two large-looming hangovers that threaten like sledgehammer clouds on the horizon of your frontal lobe. I visited Tacos El Gordo a few weeks ago on a friend's recommendation, but the carne asada fries were a revelation.

"So, it's carne asada ... on top of fries?" I said (with the exaggerated, rubber-mouthed incredulity that only several strong rum drinks, consumed in rapid succession a bit earlier, can inspire) as I squinted at the marquee menu.

"Yes, sir!" said the man behind the counter. Nearby, a triage team assembled tacos, burritos and combo plates in a grim hustle, like paramedics.

"So, there's fries ... and then there's carne asada on top of that?!"

"Yes, sir!"

"I'll take ... two!"

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"Two? How about you try one?"

"One? We're pretty hungry. But okay! So, just to make sure, you're saying ... this is carne asada on top of fries? I mean, that is just a revolutionary idea. Revolutionary! My friend! I think I'm going to sit down now."

One was indeed plenty. Taco El Gordo's carne asada fries represent late-night post-crawl grub at its most unapologetically indulgent: a gravid, swimming strata of cheese, sour cream, guacamole and carne asada atop a tousled nest of skinny, soft, toothsome fries that must have hitchhiked up the street from McDonald's. It is not a paragon of gourmet virtue, nor does it represent good dietary sense. But the happy union of carne asada, fixings and fries does hint at some kinda epic, trend-sparking flavor convergence. (It is here, with only mild shame, that I confess to returning the next night to try to the adobada fries, which comprise marinated pork over the same tastily confusing mess).

Tacos El Gordo (1724 E. Charleston Blvd., 251-8226) and carne asada fries, I salute you. It is with due pride that I induct you into Desert Companion's DEALicious Meals Hall of Honor!

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