Friday Photos: World, Interrupted

The old normal was just a few months ago -- and yet it can seem like forever. We asked friends and readers to share the last photo of "normal life" in their phones before the shutdown. This slideshow captures a world we won't likely return to anytime soon.

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Christie Moeller: Last normal photo of mine was at NASCAR in February! First time I’ve ever gone. Now I look back and can’t believe I was around that many people then.


Eileen Olmos: February 26, Knights game. Luis Olmos got to wear his custom VGK turnout jacket.


Allison Barfield: Boyfriend’s mom’s birthday at Sparrow + Wolf.


Marina Nicola: A child actually touching an instrument at Guitar Center.


Jo Ann Fisher: March 7, at Las Vegas Ballpark watching the Cubs! I miss people and events.


Annie Wildbear: Pirate takeover! During March First Friday at Regina Vinicky’s Beyond the Door Imaginarium in the Arts Factory.


Clay Heximer: Last photo of me, the band.


Alexandria Le: Opera Las Vegas’ gala March 3 at the Paris Las Vegas.


Taylor T. Carlson: Here’s me at Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum in Boulder City. I believe this was taken two weeks before the shutdown. 


Nicole Cormier O’Reilly: Captured just after catching Atomic Saloon, from the top of parking garage of The Venetian. Shows are this city’s heartbeat. I hope they will return, even if they need a few stents to keep things flowing.


Alan Gegax: Just before the stay-at-home order, I took a group of 18 hikers out during what turned out to be my last AirBnB Experiences hike.


Jennifer DeBough Miller: Phone chat in the office at Marshall Retail Group. Old-fashioned connection!


Oksana Marafioti: Rock climbing for the first time ever. Being on that rock blew my mind. I felt the world around me exploded with all the new adventures I was about to experience. Then it promptly imploded.


Lisa Ledl Yalich: Vegas Golden Knights FanFest downtown. Took a “Chance” ...


Vanessa Doughty: March 7, at the Dispensary Lounge watching live jazz music! I miss our local musicians and artists so much and hope that they are managing well during these hard times. I can’t wait to see live music again!


Ginger Meurer: Define “normal.” March 8, Disneyland. Counted the days after to assure myself we hadn’t made a huge mistake taking our long-planned trip. We didn’t get sick, but sure panicked plenty worrying. Still a great trip.


Angie Negrete-Markle: March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. As Gov. Sisolak announced the statewide shutdown, my daughter and her leprechaun posse enjoyed one last hurrah by celebrating her 13th birthday at our favorite local fro-yo joint.


Christopher Smith: Seeing Le Rêve at Wynn pre-pandemic. Who would have thought this wouldn’t be strangest dream I’d experience in March.  


Charles R. Christians: March 10! As usual, I just got my finger.

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