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Friday Photos: One Mural, Two Writers, and a Pile of Junk

A striking mural inside the CraftHaus Brewery, Downtown on East California Street. It's by artist Donovan Fitzgerald, who painted it with a 2-inch brush: "No spray cans or stencils," says co-owner Wyndee Forrest, who's named the showgirl Charlotte. Photo by Christopher Smith


Watch for the March-April issue, in which our writers wax rhapsodic about their favorite parks, including this one, Mountain Crest, a mecca for local disc golfers. Photo by Christopher Smith


From the Desert Companion Instagram feed: An encounter with local authors Harry Fagel (left) and Lonn M. Friend, at Grouchy John's. They talked about the upcoming launch of Fagel's YouTube channel devoted to poetry. Photo by Scott Dickensheets


Spotted Downtown: The grass is always greener ... when you artificially color it? At least paint inside the lines! Photo by Heidi Kyser


On a ranch on the outskirts of Beatty, a rusted junk pile seems to glow in the morning light. Photo by Andrew Kiraly

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