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Friday Photo: Skaters, banks, and terror pits


Andrew Kiraly

Skateboarder Laird Brunson catches some air at Anthem Hills Skate Park in Henderson Jan. 21. Watch for a profile of the up-and-coming skater in the March/April 2020 issue.

This little fella was recently spotted tooling down a car-filled Henderson street. Concerned citizens moved him out of harm’s way, onto a sidewalk leading to open desert. (photo: Scott Dickensheets)


A few weeks ago, I was trying to find a ninja shortcut walk from the Venetian parking garage to the Linq. I took a wrong turn and confronted this hyperventilation-inducing construction terror pit. (photo: Andrew Kiraly)


The remains of the three-story bank tower over Rhyolite, the ghost town just two hours from Las Vegas (near Beatty). Founded in 1904 near a rich gold source, the town bloomed quickly, with a stock exchange, school (seating some 200-plus students), and other buildings; electricity was turned on in 1907 — and shut off in 1916, after the boom ended. It’s now one of the most-visited ghost towns in the West. (photo: Scott Dickensheets)

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