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"Arson puppies" that have yet to be bid on in the rescue raffle

  • Pickles, an eyeless, slithering chihuahua with a lamprey’s mouth that devours dreams
  • Molly, relaxed, downward-facing, has strong shoulder muscles and a vague air of superiority.
  • An unnamed sphere of fluffy white fuzz at the center of which purports to be a bichon frisé
  • Ersatz, an “Afghan hound” that looks suspiciously like ... hey, that’s just a hound wrapped in an afghan!
  • Pluto, mixed-breed, hand-drawn, 588 dog-years young! A little one-dimensional, but full of heart. Hates mice.
  • Gorloth the Soultaker, a black mist that assumes the shape of a bloodhound when it arrives to ferry restless spirits to the inscrutable void beyond this mortal plane. Loves to cuddle.
  • Zeus, specially curated yorkischnauzapugapoo — adorable, non-shedding, taxidermied. Purse-ready for the right socialite!
  • The Sunday, a hopelessly confusing mix of breeds that poops once a week and has this weird obsession with coupons
  • Mr. Littles, a delightful miniature-miniature pinscher like you’ve never seen — literally! Rest assured, he’s actually there, though!
  • Margins Tax, unloved mutt abandoned near Carson City. Exceptionally desperate for a welcoming home, anywhere in Nevada. Growls at the words "Jeremy" and "Aguero."
  • Cerberus

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