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David Bolliger


David Bolliger


Bread distributor

Political Office

Assembly district 12

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

I'm a married father of 5 , I'm a independent bread distributor for flowers bakery . I was born and raised here in Las Vegas I'm very proud of the fact that me and my son's were all born at sunrise hospital. My great grandfather move to Vegas back when they were building the Dam and there's been a Bolliger here ever since . I am a hard working family man dedicated to my children and my community. I recently have paid off my home and with my boys about ready to go to Elementary I have decided to dedicate my free time to doing what I can to make my community a better place to live and our schools the best they can be .I've been in management most my adult life and involved in my community in one way or another.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

Inflation. there's no way we can continue on the course we are on it's doomed to fail . We need to audit the books and cut the waste that way we can reallocate those funds to programs that need them and keep the states hands out of your pocket doing it . It's my belief if we managed our budget and wasteful spending better there will be enough funds where we wouldn't have to raise taxes and address the issues at hand .

In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic? Why?

There response was pitiful in my opinion more political than public safety. First off if it were me I would have compiled all the information on COVID and sent that to each Nevada secondly I would have NEVER used social media to get my message across ( keep information official from the state ) masks should have been given to all not sold at stores ECT. I can go on and on . They did more harm than good in my opinion on top of dividing our community in a time we needed to be united sad display of governance

Education and local government officials have long asked lawmakers to change the way the state assesses property taxes. That includes raising the current tax threshold. Should lawmakers consider raising those thresholds? If not, what is the best way for governments to raise money for local programs?

Cut waste , add extra fees for building developers due to water , continuing to raise taxes without slowing spending and more importantly wasteful spending is wrong. Before we further burden the citizens of this community with more taxes we should do our best to utilize the funds we have .