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Daniel Andrews


Daniel Andrews


Teacher of Mathematics

Political Office

Nevada State Assembly

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

Having resided and taught in Nevada for 16 years , I have concerns about the health and welfare of current and future residents of Nevada.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

The full funding in support of our States educational system, our incarcerated population and our current drought are a few of our state's current pressing issues.

In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic? Why?

I thought the Governor led us in the most prudent way to lessen the burden of the pandemic while keeping the population safe. This was a dynamic situation and very difficult to predict and manage. He did an admirable job given this unique problem .

Education and local government officials have long asked lawmakers to change the way the state assesses property taxes. That includes raising the current tax threshold. Should lawmakers consider raising those thresholds? If not, what is the best way for governments to raise money for local programs?

The mining and the casino industry's tax contributions need to be reevaluated as to their contribution rate to the state. I believe by having them pay a fair tax rate we will alleviate our funding problem.