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The Force is Strong at From the Top: A Star Wars Musical Mashup

This is the music you are looking for, Star Wars fans.  Check out this costumed talented trio.  Adorable children are often featured weekly on From the Top, Sunday from 12pm to 1pm on Classical 89.7.

In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opening in theaters December 18th, we present three delightful young pianists who aren’t afraid to tickle the ivories while dressed in Halloween costumes.

A From the Top video. 2015, all rights reserved

Music from Star Wars films composed by John Williams.​

Musical Arrangement
Lee Blaske

Director & Editor of Videography
Dillon Buss

Support comes from

Yoda: Maxine Park
Princess Leia: Katherine Liu
Darth Vader: Michael Karshis

Executive Producers & Co-CEOs
Gerald Slavet & Jennifer Hurley-Wales

Director of Content & Production
Tim Banker

Associate Music Producer
Erin Nolan

Associate Producer of Video & Radio
Mark Williams

Second Camera & Grip:
Winston Macdonald

Recorded and mixed by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound Studios.

Thanks to New England Conservatory and M. Steinert & Sons for providing rehearsal space.

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