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Cisco Aguilar


Cisco Aguilar



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Secretary of State

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How would you describe yourself to voters?

Growing up in a typical Latino family where education and hard work were a pillar of everything we did, my parents not only taught me that life is most meaningful when in service to others but showed what commitment and discipline can accomplish. With this mindset, I was the first in my family to graduate from college and later law school with an MBA. I have made it my mission to be in service to the community I call home by being a fierce advocate for educational opportunities for all of Nevada’s children and an advocate for innovative public private partnership programs in our most vulnerable neighborhoods. I’m running to be Nevada’s next Secretary of State because we must recognize that our government must work for all Nevadans.

As part of my responsibility of paying my community rent, I have remained heavily involved in the Las Vegas community and have worked on a variety of projects over the years. I am the Founding Chairman of Cristo Rey St. Viator High School in North Las Vegas with an innovative workforce development program, worked with the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, and helped bring Chicanos Por La Causa to Nevada to help address community development needs. I also sit on the boards of several equity focused organizations and foundations in the state.

I’m dedicated to preserving our voting freedoms here in Nevada and that means making sure it is as convenient and secure as possible for Nevada’s hardworking families. I lead with integrity and grit and am ready to steer the Secretary of State’s office into its next phase. I’m the most qualified candidate because I have experience implementing large-scale projects and am passionate about access to voting and capital– two distinct passions that come together in the Secretary of State’s office.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

I have three priorities for the office of Secretary of State:

In a 24/7 economy, it is critical to protect access to the ballot box for all eligible Nevadans. We cannot be distracted from threats by those who believe in the Big Lie and others who would try to limit the freedom to vote in the state, especially our hardworking frontline workers who make our economy work.

I will implement the pro-voter legislation that the legislature passed during the last two legislative sessions and that was signed into law by the legislature and Governor Sisolak. This includes expanding automatic voter registration and transitioning the state to a top-down voter registration model which brings accountability to one office for the voter rolls.

Streamline the business registration and licensing process so that Nevadans can get start and build a sustainable and growing business– and thus, access the capital they need to get their business off the ground– without having to hire an expensive lawyer.

In your view, what is the role and responsibility of the Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State is Nevada’s foremost elections officer, and has a responsibility to keep our elections secure, transparent, and fair. Nevadans must TRUST the Secretary of State. The office also oversees business licensing and corporate filing, important steps for those seeking to contribute to Nevada’s economy. There are also other important governmental functions the Secretary of State fulfills, including sitting on the Board of Examiners and the Tahoe Regional Planning Authority.

Do you support tightening election security laws? If so, how?

Nevada’s elections are already secure, as Secretary of State Cegavske and Attorney General Ford have proven in a transparent and bipartisan manner. Our state and county election officers work hard to keep our elections fair and free and they should be supported in their mission to uphold current laws and regulations, not attacked over false claims of fraud. We need to protect all Nevadans at all times.

There is a substantial part of the population that believes voter fraud affected the outcome of
the 2020 election. How would you, as Nevada’s Secretary of State, work to assure voters that
they can cast their ballot safely and easily?

Elected officials should act with integrity; that means being honest with voters about the safety and security of our elections. I would pledge to work alongside community leaders, activist organizations, and other elected officials to educate voters by any and all means, including regular town hall meetings. But as Secretary of State I couldn’t take this on alone: we need politicians on the other side of the aisle to clearly state that voter fraud is not a wide-spread problem.