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Aaron Manfredi

Aaron Manfredi
Aaron Manfredi


Aaron Manfredi



Political Office

Board of Regents-District 8

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

Dedicated, Hard Working, Passionate, Educated, Proven Leadership, Charismatic, Firm-Fair-Consistent and I bring a Military approach to everything I do. I've created a lot of flexibility with my careers so I can devote the needed time to being a highly effective Regent.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

1. Rebuild public trust with our Board of Regents. 2. Prepare our workforce with skill sets to match our economy. 3. Generate new revenue. We need to have a business mind set instead of expecting others to help fund everything for us. We can only rely on donations and endowments so much. 4. Expand Veterans Services on all of our campuses. It's important that we have adequate staffing to make sure all of our Veterans and dependents are receiving all of their benefits. 5. Pay Raises for NHSE employees. It's long over due. It's crucial that we retain our hard working dedicated staff.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing the state’s colleges and universities?

Budget. We are constantly in need of revenue and are always the first to see it taken away.

In late 2021, former Chancellor Melody Rose filed a hostile workplace complaint alleging sexual
discrimination and that some regents were undermining her. An investigation could not
substantiate the sexual harassment, but it did note possible ethics violations. It also noted
factionalism and tensions among board members. How would you, as a Regent, work to ease
tensions on the board?

We have to hold each other accountable. Oversight is needed to keep Regents from stepping outside the scope of their position. And we need stronger by laws/policy so NHSE employees can not run for Regents (conflict of interest) including dismissing those who chronically miss meetings and refuse to communicate with other Regents.

What should the board look for in a new Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor?

Someone who is willing to work with the Regents instead of against them. A Chancellor who is willing to meet with Regents and Committees as many times as needed, so everyone stays effective. Proven Researcher, Proven Leader, Proven Fundraiser, Proven Donor Relationships and a deeper background on ones educational background.