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Goodbye Vickie's, Hello Pleasant Pool Chill


This weekend we bid farewell to a deep repository of Las Vegas lore. Vickie's Diner, on Las Vegas Boulevard Downtown, has been through many iterations but since 1964 has been run by one family. Owner Vickie Kelesis says she was told just last week that the property is being demolished for redevelopment. That means a dining counter that has served the most regal and nefarious of Las Vegas citizens will be permanently wiped off of the map. “In 1973 my father reserved a seat for Elvis Presley, who would come in every week for his prescriptions at the drugstore and then order the NY steak and eggs,” Vickie says. It’s also home, of course, to that painting. While the restaurant closes for good on Sunday, Vickie assures us that she is already in the process of finding a new location. But I, for one, will mourn this location, laden with decades of residue from our city’s many eras — and more than a little bit of bacon grease. Photo by Brent Holmes


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Out in the desert looking for art, I found this cool post covered in torn stickers. Very cool! Photo by Scott Dickensheets


This isn't exactly what it *looks* like when I'm chilling in the pool after a delivery from the dispensary, but it's certainly what it *feels* like. Photo by Andrew Kiral


On Thursday morning, volunteers for Food Not Bombs Las Vegas work at the nonprofit United Movement Organized Kindness site on Main Street to produce small shelters for the local homeless population. Photo by Brent Holmes

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A fan’s notes. Photo by Christopher Smith


Close-up b/w shot of a dead tree in Great Basin. If you squint a little, the wood looks like brush strokes of paint. Photo by Andrew Kiraly