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Alissa Nutting on 'the grotesque and carnival'

Alissa Nutting, author of the story collection "Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls" -- whom we profiled last year -- spins out an interview with Monkeybicycle that's just as freewheeling and tartly insane as her fiction. Here she does some brainysexytalk:

Like Goldilocks’ porridge, your sexuality has to be not too hot and not too cold. There’s this message that women can be too old, too unattractive, too out of control, too restrained, too pear shaped, too all sorts of things to be “allowed” their sexuality. Just put on a cardigan or go eat some donuts and forget about whatever you’re feeling. I am not down with this. I write stories about aging cat ladies who want to get laid. Because there are aging cat ladies who want to get laid, and I really do not appreciate how their story isn’t told.

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