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Improving Education

School is out for summer, and it's time to talk about education in Southern Nevada.

The Clark County School District ranks at or near the bottom of national rankings in per-pupil funding, graduation rates and it failed to meet federally mandated standards last year. But recently CCSD has improved its dropout rate and turned around some schools.

  • How do you turn around a failing school?
  • Are good teachers born with natural skills, or do they learn to be effective in the classroom?
  • How can Southern Nevada offer a better education to K-12 students?
  • Are there systemic problems holding CCSD back from success?
  • Is this a crisis of leadership? Of funding? Of parental apathy?
  • What would you do to make schools in Southern Nevada better?
In the coming weeks we'll tackle these questions, by talking to teachers, administrators, parents, and education experts from across the country. Send us your thoughts and show ideas to

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