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Should College Students Be Allowed To Pack Heat In Class?
Should College Students Be Allowed To Pack Heat In Class?

AIR DATE: March 13, 2013


Republican Assemblywoman's Michele Fiore has brought back the debate about letting college students carry concealed weapons on campuses. She will face an uphill battle in an Assembly that is majority Democrat. We'll discuss why she believes so adamantly about this bill. 
Michele Fiore, Republican Assemblywoman, Clark County
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    I think she made many excellent points. I'll agree that we can't count on the serial killers wearing camo but still, if the UNLV campus police currently can't handle a mix of good & bad gun bearers, they need more training.
    Aunty PalinMar 11, 2013 20:59:44 PM
    The United States is a constitutional republic, *not* a democracy as is popularly believed, and as such all citizens have *rights* that the government and other citizens have absolutely no say about. So, yes, gun laws are absolutely unconstitutional, including those creating so-called gun free zones where criminals can operate with impunity. Really, what sort of idiot would pathetically choose to depend on 911 to save their life when threatened?
    Tim HuntMar 11, 2013 12:41:16 PM
    Ms. Fiore said that campus shooters always wear cammo clothing so it will be easy for police to tell them apart from CCW holders. How idiotic is that?
    Jim in HendersonMar 11, 2013 09:46:03 AM
    Time and time again we've seen that gun-free zones DO NOT work. The armed wackos are looking for some place where there will be no resistance. Law-abiding citizens who are trained and have passed the class to obtain a CCW permit should not have to disarm themselves on campus. The female student who was raped on the UNR Campus is a prime example. I was a police officer for 29 years. I know citizens cannot depend on the police department to protect them.
    Wayne PetersenMar 11, 2013 09:06:25 AM
    Ms. Fiore refuses to accept what the people want. Less than two years ago, Sen. Lee held a hearing on the same bill. Elected college student leaders as well as individual students testified that they didn't want carry concealed on campus. College faculty testified that they didn't want carry concealed on campus. College employees testified that they didn't want carry concealed on campus. Even college police, who are naturally conservative, testified that they didn't want carry concealed on campus. These united opinions have not changed in less than two years. Why is Ms. Fiore trying to force laws down the throats of thousands of Nevadans who don't want it?
    Jim in HendersonMar 11, 2013 07:59:12 AM
    If what you say and think is true, then you have nothing to worry about - it should fail again.
    Aunty PalinMar 11, 2013 21:02:27 PM
    No one is forcing anyone to do anything. They want there to be an option for those who wish to exercise their right to carry a firearm for self protection.
    Suzan D ReedMar 13, 2013 11:51:52 AM
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