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Nevada Lawmakers Propose Jobs Bills
Nevada Lawmakers Propose Jobs Bills

AIR DATE: February 27, 2013

Nevadans need jobs. With unemployment still lingering in double digits throughout the state, the unemployed are looking to legislators to see what they will or won't do to spark job creation. Some new and not-so-new ideas are starting to circulate in Carson City, all of them promising jobs. We'll talk with Democratic Senator Debbie Smith of Washoe County about what these plans promise.

Debbie Smith, Democrat Senator, Washoe County


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    Taxes are always bad because of the way they fundamentally work. For the most part, tax money taken by the government 1) pays bureaucrats to do nothing, 2) is inefficiently spent on useless but expensive, politically-correct special interest programs, or 3) is given to societal parasites who didn't earn it. ALL of these things are wasteful and unproductive, i.e. they consume our wealth and decrease our standard of living. On the other hand, money NOT sent to the government is necessarily productively invested in some way; this money creates worthwhile jobs, and increases our wealth and standard of living. If someone really thinks the so-called "services" provided by government will benefit them personally, I'd suggest that they pay for those services themselves, just like they are expected to pay for other things in life that benefit them alone.
    Tom HurstFeb 25, 2013 12:29:28 PM
    "Taxes, taxes and more taxes are *not* the solution, as they always reduce productive economic activity." WRONG! We want the services, and we are willing to pay for them. Its the minority that are not (Republicans) and they count on apathy and selfishness to keep taxes, education, and productivity low. Shame on you.
    Jim in HendersonFeb 25, 2013 10:10:17 AM
    Taxes, taxes and more taxes are *not* the solution, as they always reduce productive economic activity. How about dramatically decreasing both taxes and regulation so that businesses have a real bottom-line reason to locate here? And, don't worry about reducing funding for either k-12 or higher education in this state, for both are so astoundingly wasteful and inefficient that their budgets could be cut by at least 1/3 without impacting education at all - and any bureaucrat who says otherwise is either an idiot or a liar.
    Tom HurstFeb 22, 2013 16:44:40 PM
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