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School District Adds More Turnaround Schools
School District Adds More Turnaround Schools

AIR DATE: February 13, 2013

The Clark County School District this week announced they would add three additional schools to its ongoing turnaround efforts. The new schools are Cimarron-Memorial High School, Sunrise Mountain High School and Elizabeth Wilhelm Elementary School. We'll talk with CCSD Deputy Superintendent Pat Skorkowski about the district's newest turnaround schools. 


Pat Skorkowski, Deputy Superintendent, Clark County School District


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    I didn't hear any discussion about one of the most important parts of any educational improvement: parent involvement. Not only do active parents need to be involved in the decision making processes, but all parents need the opportunity to be welcomed into the school, given training about how to work with administrators and teachers to help their children, and welcomed politely and graciously in each school's office. Mr. Skorkowski talked about how important the people are in the process and mentioned only staff and students; the third leg of the base for improvement is the parents.
    Jennifer OmoFeb 8, 2013 10:34:34 AM
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