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How Post Office Changes Might Affect Nevada
How Post Office Changes Might Affect Nevada

AIR DATE: February 12, 2013

The United States Post Office announced this week it will eliminate letter delivery on Saturdays.  The Post Office will still deliver packages on Saturdays but stamped letters will not be delivered. The elimintion of Saturday delivery is estimated to save the Post Office about $2 billion at a time when the agency struggles to stay solvent. How might those changes affect Nevada? We'll talk with former Nevada Congressman Jim Bilbray who is also vice chairman of the USPS Board of Governors about the changes and what Nevadans can expect.


Jim Bilbray, former Nevada Congressman and Vice Chairman, USPS Board of Governors

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    Remember! a long time ago charges for residence phones supported low long distance phone charges. That got changed to a situation where LD had to pay for the cost of the service. Now, why can't those who fill my mail box with useless stuff (ads) pay the REAL cost of the service provided. Or, let this gov/bastard thing go broke.
    dean a l.Feb 7, 2013 10:18:52 AM
    The USPS, long renowned in efficiency consultancy circles as hands-down the most inefficient and wasteful organization in the entire universe, just gets ever more inefficient and wasteful with every passing year as evidenced by continually increasing rates amid continually decreasing service. When will it end? Sadly, only when the USPS goes bankrupt and we finally get some high quality, efficient, inexpensive private mail companies like those that already exist in many developed countries.
    Tom HurstFeb 6, 2013 20:10:33 PM
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