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Teachers Health Insurance Fund Facing Bankruptcy
Teachers Health Insurance Fund Facing Bankruptcy

AIR DATE: February 12, 2013

Clark County School District Teachers are concerned because they are facing two very unpalatable choices for health insurance: steep premium rises to keep the trust from going bankrupt or pay the doctor's bill themselves. The problem has arisen in recent years because the Teachers Health Trust - the union-run health fund - has run its reserves dangerously low. The union asked the school district to increase premiums but now district refused saying it would breach the contract. So what can teachers' do? What is the future of the Teachers' Health Trust?
Trevon Milliard, Schools Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
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    Increasing health care costs are common and to be expected. However the blatant obstructionism by CCSD in refusing to increase the payroll deduction seems like just another attempt to undermine the union. Teachers for years have told CCSD that they don't want the school district in charge of their healthcare. Teachers know that the primrose path CCSD is attempting to lead them down will eventually lead to the district reducing health benefits and passing costs onto the employees. Teachers don't want that, and CCSD should respect that. Its ironic that Fulkerson is accusing CCEA and THT of trying to "dip their hands" into teacher's pockets, when that is exactly what CCSD wants to do by taking over THT.
    MikeFeb 5, 2013 09:42:32 AM
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