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The Real Unemployment Rate
The Real Unemployment Rate

AIR DATE: February 6, 2013

Every month the federal and state governments give us an unemployment rate for the nation and the state. Right now the official rate across the country is 7.8 percent. In Nevada, the initial rate is 10 percent, but the U-6 is more than 20 percent. So which is the better number? And what can be done to get it down? If you've been unemployed for a long time, tell us what you think we need to get the jobs back in Nevada.
John Restrepo, Principal, RCG Economics
Jeff Waddoups, Professor of Labor Economics, UNLV
Bill Anderson, Chief Economist, Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
Ben Daseler, Business Services Manager, Nevada JobConnect




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    Folks should have a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics "U-6" unemployment number - it truly counts all of what normal people would call unemployment, and is nearly double the U-1 rate (which is the one typically and deceptively reported in the news and by government propaganda programs). How to lower unemployment only requires a basic knowledge of economics: de-regulating and de-taxing both individuals *and* businesses leaves more money in everyone's pockets (and less money unproductively wasted by government). Thats more money to spend and more money to invest. I know that the political left and much of the right either do not understand or believe that principle, but it is a hard and fast law of nature as true and unavoidable as any scientific law of nature.
    Tom HurstJan 31, 2013 14:50:11 PM
    I am one of the hidden 10%. I've been looking for full-time work for over a year, and have sent out well over 100 resumes. I possess excellent executive-level credentials,have owned my own businesses had I also had remarkable success in real estate. I have applied to jobs that I am well-qualified for and even many that I was very over-qualified for, with no luck. I feel fortunate to have a part-time job to keep food on the table as I continue my hunt for full-time work. ps I think my age (52) plays a role in my lack of desirability in the eyes of potential employers.
    Cait MessinaJan 31, 2013 10:33:37 AM
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