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Was Steven Brooks Mistreated?
Was Steven Brooks Mistreated?

AIR DATE: February 1, 2013

After more than a week of revelations and media interviews, is it time to stop talking about Steven Brooks' breakdown and start talking about the tone of the news coverage? To re-examine how he ended up as a front-page joke? Is this just the price of being a public figure?
Kristy Totten, News Editor, Las Vegas CityLife
Jon Ralston, Host, Ralston Reports
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    Thank you for a thoughtful and respectful discussion. It feels good to listen to members of the media make a conscious move away from "snarky" and towards respect and care for a fellow individual.
    stephanieJan 29, 2013 22:12:49 PM
    I tthought the R.j. was wrong to sensationalize with that picture of him shirtless,especially. Though it is the R.j.
    Elizabeth cookJan 29, 2013 09:35:03 AM
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