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Brooks Saga Intensifies
Brooks Saga Intensifies

AIR DATE: February 1, 2013

Fortuitous “Pocket Dial”

Among the bizarre details from the unfolding story of Assemblyman Steven Brooks is an accidental phone call made to Las Vegas Sun reporter Anjeanette Damon. The call seems to confirm a suspected alliance between Brooks and the Las Vegas Constable’s office:

“This has been one of the stranger moments of my career – journalism offers a lot of them. My phone rang, it was the cell phone of Lou Toomin, the PIO I had called earlier in the day to ask for an explanation, and some was muffled, some was rather clear. There was discussion about ‘Alright I just got a phone call from a reporter. Your cover story is you were there simply to prepare for the legislative session.’ There was a reference to a car, a constable’s car, in Carson City that they didn’t wanted talked about. There was an awful lot of profanity. I can’t confirm who was in the room, but they referred to themselves as Lou, John and then this unnamed constable who I believed was on the phone from Carson City. And John was pretty upset about it.”

Listen to our audio of Damon, Jon Ralson, and Constable’s Office Deputy Director Steve Kilgore as they discuss emerging details from the Steven Brooks story.



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