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Obama's New Gun Control Measures
Obama's New Gun Control Measures

AIR DATE: January 22, 2013

On Wednesday, President Obama outlined a number of measures he says will reduce gun violence. These include an assault weapons ban and stronger background checks for gun buyers. But gun industry supporters say these measures are unlikely to pass in either house and some are even threatening to impeach the president for overstepping the boundary of the executive branch.


Allen Youngman, Executive Director, Defense Small Arms Advisory Council


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    At what point in our countries history, has banning or restricting something "dangerous" kept it out of the hands of criminals? It didn't work with prohibition and wouldnt work now.
    erinJan 17, 2013 09:38:49 AM
    The overview is that guns in the hands of certain people is dangerous to the public. Banning guns creates the greatest imperative that anyone who desires a gun can obtain such through underground means. Guns are owned by many of the citizens of this country and are usually available for sale if the price is high enough. Gun manufacturers outside of the US will continue to provide guns to those who can pay the asked prices. Stopping the ownership of guns in the US is equivalent to stopping citizens from using drugs-it is not going to happen. Perhaps the simplest answer is to issue a law that anyone who is proven guilty of using a gun against another person shall be killed by a firing squad.
    Bernard DistelJan 27, 2013 11:00:25 AM
    Anti-gun people simply do not understand the obvious lessons of history as our Founders did: 1) all governments, no matter how "good" they might seem at any given time, always proceed towards tyranny; witness our ever-increasing police state, 2) democide (death by the hands of one's own government) kills far more people than wars or crime (estimates run to 200 million state murders in just the 20th century); these people would have been able to defend themselves against government agents if they had guns like their government had, and if their government did not know who had guns via gun registration, and 3) the Founders rightly despised democracy as the "tyranny of the majority", hence created immutable Constitutional protections of minority rights; in that context, public opinion against gun ownership has no bearing at all on gun issues, nor does the canard of increasing public safety (noting that many common, everyday activities cause far more deaths than citizen-owned guns ever have).
    Tom HurstJan 16, 2013 11:48:04 AM
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