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Mayor Carolyn Goodman On Education
Mayor Carolyn Goodman On Education

AIR DATE: January 22, 2013

Before she was the mayor, Carolyn Goodman was an education pioneer. She founded an elite private school with a proven track record of preparing kids for college. And now "the education mayor" is starting to speak up about the public school system. We ask what a private school principal has to say about the public school system, and what the mayor can do to fix it.
Mayor Carolyn Goodman

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Edu-babble aside, kids are fundamentally the same as they were years ago, and so are the educational solutions: parental involvement, high academic standards, and discipline in the classroom. So, no need to reinvent the wheel; just do what was done in our much higher achieving past. As proof of this, note that kids from the 1950's went on to put man on the moon, while kids now can't even make change in a store. And what was done then was done for far less money per kid than now!
Tom HurstJan 16, 2013 11:57:06 AM
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