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Making The Sale: Should Prostitution Be Legal In Clark County?
Making The Sale: Should Prostitution Be Legal In Clark County?

AIR DATE: January 16, 2013

George Flint has been the lobbyist for the legal brothel industry for 28 years. Now, at the end of his career, he wants to conquer one of the industry's biggest barriers: A state law that prohibits brothels in Clark and Washoe counties. Can he do it? Would it be good for the county? Or for state coffers? We'll talk to Flint, an expert on brothels and a political observer about the possible pitfalls.
George Flint, lobbyist and director, Nevada Brothel Owners' Association
Barb Brents, UNLV sociology professor and co-author, The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex and Sin in the New American Heartland
Steve Sebelius, political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal


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    It's not working that well in Amsterdam. There are many windows but many more trafficed Eastern European girls in the streets willing to skirt the health laws for money for their pimp. Opening Pandora's box is not advised. There are other ways.
    JackieJan 14, 2013 15:08:12 PM
    I'm a native too, Cristi, and you can't get around the fact that this is a choice some women have made for themselves that is legal. As long as its legal, we should tax it and help pay for the benefits we both want and need.
    Jim in HendersonJan 10, 2013 16:11:30 PM
    On the subject of legal prostitution, no matter how you want to gloss it over, prostitution is an act of desperation for women. Stop trying to say it empowers women, for the state to take money from women for sex. If that doesn't make our state a pimp then what does it make us? Of course there is prostitution going on in Clark county, but we should be going the opposite direction and put our efforts into doing away with it. If an effort was made, it could be dramatically reduced. I am a native Las Vegan raising a family here, we need to reduce the sex trade rather than accept it. Cristi Carver
    Cristine CarverJan 10, 2013 10:21:40 AM
    BEFORE this legislature decides to increase taxes, BEFORE this legislature decides to cut state employee's pay and benefits AGAIN, BEFORE this legislature decides to issue more tax breaks to mining and gaming, they need to make sure that ALL legal businesses are paying their fair share in taxes. TAX the brothels-they have been asking to be taxed for YEARS! Lower the population limit to allow brothels and taxation of it in Clark and Washoe-its happening there anyway and will not stop, so legalize and tax it.
    Jim in HendersonJan 10, 2013 10:09:52 AM
    Another conversation about sex workers without... alas... SEX WORKERS! How can we have an honest conversation about the legalization or even the decriminalization of prostitution without the voices of the people for whom legalization or decriminalization affect most?
    Jenny Jan 10, 2013 09:25:02 AM
    NO, NO and one more time NO. you want to pleasure yourself, call the escorting service from one of the trucks driving all along the strip, there are ample of opportunities for that kind of shameful act. WE don't need to legalize it, are you joking, this state still think small, and primitively. there are kids in this place and families that this evil act shouldn't be near the school, on billboards and near attractions, think Nevada. think about education, cultural, arts and economy, not stupidity like that, idiots!
    mr. cohenJan 10, 2013 09:03:05 AM
    There are Asian massage parlors (brothels) all over Vegas and every other city across the U.S. and world.
    xxx MadamJan 9, 2013 19:07:50 PM
    Run it thru the courts not legislation. Lawrence-vs-Texas was won thru the courts (gay sodomy case). Congress won't dirty their reputation. It's SIMPLE to file so just file. xxxMadam
    Vegas MadamJan 9, 2013 19:00:01 PM
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