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New Classifications For Mental Illness
New Classifications For Mental Illness

AIR DATE: December 10, 2012

It’s been called the “bible of psychiatry.” The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders officially draws the line between run-of-the-mill neurosis and actual mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association has just released changes that will appear in the first new edition in 20 years, and there’s already some controversy around some diagnoses that were added, and some that were removed. We’ll talk about what the changes mean for the study and treatment of mental illness.



Dr. Charles Price, Psychiatrist and President of Nevada Psychiatric Association and on review committee for DSM-V


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    As far as I'm concerned, this is all about manipulating the market by creating more illnesses that need more expensive treatment, all to the benefit of the health care industry. Which leads me to what I think are the two fatal flaws in every plan to fix America's health care system: 1) everyone assumes that doctors actually give a damn about their patients, yet in my experience, it's about 1 in 10 that shows concern, and 2) everyone assumes that doctors are actually competent, when, in reality, that is far from true in many cases.
    Tom HurstDec 6, 2012 16:23:18 PM
    So is it easier to be classified as mentally ill or is it harder ?
    JamesDec 5, 2012 14:05:24 PM
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