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Barbershop Christmas
Barbershop Christmas

AIR DATE: December 6, 2012

Las Vegas has two barbershop quartets that will soon be merging into one. This holiday season is the final time that the two groups perform separately as The City of Lights Chorus and the Gamble-Aires. Next year, they will be united as The Silver Statesmen. Three members of the City of Lights Chorus join us to discuss the art of the barbershop chorus and talk about their holiday concerts.



Steve Salmon, Director, City Lights Chorus
Fred Green, Bass, City Lights Chorus
Dave Dreier, Bass, City Lights Chorus


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    When people think of barbershop they think of quartets. In the statement that two quartets are merging is incorrect! It is two barbershop choruses that are merging.
    Jody CottonDec 6, 2012 09:35:51 AM
    I have never been to a barbershop
    JamesDec 3, 2012 11:57:46 AM
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