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Lost Drive-In Culture
Lost Drive-In Culture

AIR DATE: December 28, 2012

Every year about two or three drive-in theaters around the country shut down. They can't survive in this digital age of high-definition large screen televisions and smart phones that can play movies. But some of these theaters are fighting tooth and nail to keep going into the 21st century.
D. Edward Vogel, Administrative Secretary United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association (UDITOA) and owner of Bengies Drive-In in Baltimore, MD
Tony Maniscalco, Vice President of Marketing for West Wind Drive-Ins in Las Vegas


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    So enjoyed this topic. As the owner of a sign painting company, I am contacted by businesses from A to Z. I never knew we had a drive-in theater in Las Vegas until West Wind contacted me to come out and paint their logo and pictures of concession stand food items on the windows of their building, and put up painted lettering on the ticket booth windows. That was in August. Having gotten to know them in the summer made me appreciate the broadcast all the more.
    Yasmeen HarperNov 24, 2012 22:51:58 PM
    please advertise drive in theaters so we can know were they are.
    JamesNov 22, 2012 12:22:20 PM
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