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Sheriff Doug Gillespie Responds To DOJ Report
Sheriff Doug Gillespie Responds To DOJ Report

AIR DATE: November 23, 2012

An exclusive half-hour interview with the county's top cop. The Department of Justice recently released a report with 75 recommendations for his department. But he's grappling with a budget deficit that may hamper his ability to fund those reforms. We'll also talk about the problem with the police radio system.
Doug Gillespie, Clark County Sheriff
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    The main reforms needed at Metro cost *nothing*: 1) tell the officers to treat citizens as people, not pre-judged scum, 2) tell the officers to not pull a gun unless someone has a gun pointing at them, and most importantly, 3) tell the officers that they are NOT gods above all others, nor are they above the law, ever!
    Tim HuntNov 21, 2012 14:02:51 PM
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