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State Teachers Union Rallies For New Tax For Education
State Teachers Union Rallies For New Tax For Education

AIR DATE: November 19, 2012

The Nevada State Education Association and AFL-CIO on Wednesday submitted close to 150,000 signatures to county clerks and registrars across the state for a new business tax that could raise $800 million a year for education. It won't be easy to move it forward however -  the two unions still have to win an appeal from the Nevada Supreme Court after the petition was struck down earlier this year. They also must convince a few Republicans to join their side before the tax could go into effect. What's the union's plan? We'll ask NSEA President, Lynne Warne about how the tax might move forward.
Lynne Warne, president, Nevada State Education Association


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    I'm familiar with the school budget, and would suggest that any normal person with some common sense could easily *cut* it substantially and still have more than enough money to do the things that need doing. Any public officials or educrats that somehow think we need to spend more on education in this state are either idiots or liars, period. Wastrels all!
    Tom HurstNov 19, 2012 17:47:36 PM
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